Research has not stopped. With the welfare of science and technology, human life is becoming more modern and easier. Experiments are underway with many uses of wind and solar energy. It is really rare to make the bold attempt to produce air-only fuel by using sunlight outside of conventional applications.

Aircraft fuel is use 11,000 liters per second in the world. One plane burns about a liter of oil per second in the Atlantic Ocean.

Researchers began to think of simple ways to burn fuel. The question was if to create fuel for the aircraft that would only run on water, wind and sunlight
Research is underway at the University of Zurich in Germany. A specially designed solar cooker is installed on the roof, which generates fuel from the surrounding air with the help of the sun’s concentrated rays.The team has been working on the device for over a decade. The fact that the theory of making fuel from the sun, wind and water can be really effective, this plant is his encounter proof.

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According to a report by Deutsche Welle, the first step in this rare study was to absorb air and collect water and carbon dioxide from it. The sun rays are then accumulated in the mirror mounted dish. 2.5 reactors are here to one and a half thousand degrees Celsius. A catalytic converter placed at the base of these two reactors makes the first step of conversion possible. This sponge-like converter has a rare metal coating called peroxide on it. Through this, the components of water and carbon dioxide are divided and reassembled. The result is called ‘syngas’. The Zurich-based company has already launched a larger experimental plant in Spain.

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