The iPhone is waterproof. Italy has fined Apple 10 million euros for misleading consumers in the ad.The country’s authorities have claimed that Apple’s claim that the iPhone does not have water in it does not match the reality.

They say the iPhone’s claim is only true in the laboratory. But it has nothing to do with reality. According to them, Apple says that the iPhone will not get water. But they do not give a warranty if any phone is damaged due to water. As a result, it is an “aggressive” policy under Italian law.

iPhone the new model is effective for up to 30 minutes under 13 feet of water. This means that if an iPhone is underwater during this time. there will be no damage.

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This claim has been made in the case of different models from iPhone 8 to iPhone 11. According to Italian authorities, Apple has not made it clear that the iPhone’s waterproofing will only apply under controlled conditions.

After various investigations, the Italian authorities have decided that the iPhone will not be flooded. Apple’s claim is actually misleading consumers. Apple discouraged them from swimming and bathing with the iPhone in their ad notes. And said, they would not issue a warranty if the phone was damaged by water.

Italian authorities say Apple’s waterproofing ads are “aggressive ads” under sections 24 and 25 of the country’s Consumer Rights Act. The Italian authorities have objected to the lack of warranty in the advertisement.

They say that by saying that the warranty will not apply to the vaccine. Apple cannot avoid the responsibility of not performing according to the advertisement of any product.

Apple has been fined a total of 10 million euros. Five million euros-for violating two sections of Italy’s consumer rights law. Apple hasnot yet commented on the matter.

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