Popular video-sharing social media YouTube is going to adopt a new aggressive policy. They will show ads in more videos on this policy. But the company will no longer pay advertising dividends to all video makers.

YouTube currently shares a portion of its advertising with its video makers on a partnership basis. To get their ads, each channel has to meet certain conditions.

But under the new policy, YouTube may also show ads on some videos outside of this partnership. However, they will not share the advertising dividend.

This means that if this policy is implemented, YouTube viewers will be forced to see more and more ads.

Under current policy, to get google ads on a channel, the channel must have 1,000 subscribers within a year and 4,000 hours of video.

They says it can also show ads on channels outside the partnership initiative or YouTube partnership program. But no money will be given to the owner of that channel for this. However, if a channel is eligible to receive advertising subject to the conditions, they can receive dividends under the current partnership rules.

But if you apply for an advertisement on YouTube, it is not available. Channels across long lines are verified by their staff. The whole process can take up to a month to complete.

Under the new policy, if a new content creator creates something good, and his content goes to many people or goes viral and YouTube sets ads on it, the creator will not benefit from the ad.

Journalist and author Chris Stoke-Walker called YouTube’s move unreasonable and aggressive. He said, “YouTube is making unreasonably big money. Now they are coming up with more unreasonable rules. Which will make ordinary manufacturers uninterested. ”

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